Full Boarding

Braeburn Imani International School offers a full boarding program which means that the students spend the term in school and leave the facility at half term break or at the end of the term. Although this is the case, the students are at liberty to go home for a weekend upon the parents’ or guardian’s requests. Parents and guardians are asked to notify the Head of Boarding by Wednesday if they have any intentions of taking their children away over the weekend. This will help in dealing with other related departments like the kitchen staff from a logistics point of view. Full boarders are entitled to weekend activities that take place outside the school. These activities include: Paint balling, GP Karting, hiking, watching three dimension movies, bubble soccer, camping, horse riding, boat riding among other activities. The spiritual needs of the students are also taken into consideration whereby, Catholics and Protestants get to attend their Sunday services regularly. All meals, including school lunch, dinner and evening break and tea, are included in the boarding fee There are four houses on site namely; Serengeti House whose members are the junior boys, Zion House for junior girls, Sahara House for senior boys and Shaba House for senior girls. Each of these houses carries a maximum of 12 students. Additionally, each house has a room for the house parent. The houses have cleaners who are in charge of ensuring that cleanliness level is up to the required standard. Next to the four houses, is an outdoor recreation area where students get to access the wifi, play indoor games relax.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding students get to leave the campus on Fridays 3:30 pm and back on Sunday by 5: 00 pm. These students can either be picked from school by their parents or guardians, or be dropped by the school bus at Braeburn Garden Estate School (BGE) where they will be picked by their parents or guardians. Parents will have to drop them back to school either on Sunday by 5:00 pm or on Monday very early in the morning before 8:00 am. Weekly boarders who may wish to spend the weekend at school, must notify the Head of Boarding and the entire administration for swift planning.

Supervision has always been paramount as a way of minimizing incidents from taking place.

This is a boarding family that upholds the spirit of “READY RESPECT SAFE”. As a family, we are ready to accept and live with people from other cultural, religious, race, country etc as part of internationalism. We respect the rule of law as the best way of achieving best and desired results. We always feel safe at the boarding facility as we have a good security network from the G4S Company.  

There are several ancillary staff, a qualified nurse and student mentors from who are teachers from school who are ready to mentor our students academically. The kitchen staff is always up to task in ensuring that meals are not only ready, but to ensure that the students are happy and satisfied.

As part of security at the place, Fire drills take place on a regular basis. All the students are always exposed to a bag search once they arrive from home.

Below is the routine followed by our children in the boarding houses:

TIME ACTIVITY (Monday to Friday)
6.00 am to 7.00 am Time to wake up and take a shower, put on full school uniform
7.00 am to 7.25 am Breakfast is served
7.45 am All students expected to leave the facility and head to various classes
4.30 pm Back from school and Club activities. They get to change from their school uniforms and get involved in activity of choice from ball games and swimming.
5.15 pm to 5.40 pm Time to take a shower and get ready for diner
6.00 pm to 6.30 pm Dinner
6.40 pm to 8.30 pm Prep time with a ten minute break in between. Junior students get to leave the prep area at 8.00pm and head back to boarding for their evening snack till 9.00 pm. Senior students head back to boarding at 8.30 pm for their evening snack till 9.20 pm
9.15 pm Junior bedtime
9.50 pm Seniors bedtime

The students are always allowed to have their mobile phones after school activities. They are not allowed to take the phones to school and therefore hands over the phones to their house parents before they get to bed. Parents and guardians do have time to meet the house parents when they come to pick their children or drop them on Sunday. They also get to meet the Head of Boarding during the week in the administration block.