A letter to my Favourite Wild Animal!

13th November 2021

It is a wrap for our first half of term topic ‘Tinga Tinga tales’. Game parks are one of the most favourite places for people to visit on any vacation around the world.

In our class, we had a chance to read books, watch videos and learn fun facts about wild animals.

FS2 children had this big idea…

Let us write letters to the wild animals we love!”

They decided on their favourite animal, talked to a teacher about it’s special features and where it is found. Then used their recently learned phonetic skills to write spectacular letters to the animals. The letters were heartwarming, full of marks that represented love hearts, flowers and all types of beautiful jungle features.

The children were filled with joy and excitement as they all posted the letters in a well labelled box in class.

The thrill and excitement was real when we briefed the children that we will deliver the lovely letters to the animals. This was to show appreciation, great love and thought towards wild animals by describing their special features and beauty.

The children are anxiously awaiting feedback from the animals. How are we going to do this? Please share your thoughts with us.