Invitational Swimming Gala

A great day for EYFS and Year 1 children who along with children from Happy Times School had a wonderfully slippery and muddy time at their Invitational Swimming Gala where they splished, splashed and had great fun!

Year 5 Mombasa School Trip

Year 5 are having a fabulous time on the school trip to Mombasa where they will be investigating the history and geography of the Kenya coast. But have also had a great time experience our new railway and obviously lots of fun in the sea!

Story Moja Festival

Our students from years 5 - 10 loved going to the Story Moja Festival where they can totally submerged in activities ranging from puppet shows, science experiments to creative writing.

Swimming Success

Congratulations to Krisha for being awarded silver at last week's NASA Swim Gala and Ciaran and Kashi for Bronze!