BIIS Bike Week

As part of the BTEC curriculum and CAS activities our 6th Form pupils planned and facilitated our Primary School and EYU Bike Week. Every student took active role and enjoyed training primary students on bike safety. The most interesting part was at the bike track where they had to assist those who did not know how to ride. Well Done BTEC and CAS!!

Poetry and Pancakes

What a great way to end our first half; On Friday 26th May, children right from KS1 to KS5 recited poems of all kinds; funny poems, school poems, environment poems, friendship poems,... Parents and Guardians who came will agree with us that our children are confident individuals with eloquence of speech. The pancakes shared at the end of the sessions were, just as the poems, of all shapes and sizes but definitely much appreciated by all! Thank you for the amazing support, we are grateful.