Badminton Club at BIIS

26th November 2021

As part of our commitment to a holistic approach to education, we offer varied clubs and societies at Braeburn Imani. All our clubs are student-led to promote leadership, independence and responsibility amongst our learners.

This term, Badminton has been one of the most active clubs in secondary school. Every Tuesdays and Wednesday, our Badminton court is always full of eager students who continuously sharpen their skills.

Over the term, our students have learnt special skills of holding the racquet right and striking the shuttlecock with accuracy. It is always exciting to watch how our students enjoy striking the shuttlecock.


Here are some of thoughts of our Badminton players:

We normally have badminton on Tuesday and Wednesday during lunch time for at least an hour and it never gets boring because the competition during the matches and tournaments is always fun because more people join and the more the competition the more fun it gets.

  • Ami

In badminton on Tuesday and Wednesday, we always have fun and enjoy playing against other students and even teachers. Badminton is so fun that I just had to take it as a club twice a week.


I enjoy playing badminton. It's so fun we get to challenge each other having fun. It is one of the best clubs we have. I do it twice a week and also challenge the teacher with matches against us. You get to improve your skills and learn from your teachers. I really enjoy the club.


I personally think that badminton is a cool club because we get to have fun while playing and get to know how to serve shuttlecock. Personally I never knew how to play badminton until I one day tried to play and almost gave up but I had some hopes and tried again until I got my best serve and that's where my hopes rose to 40% and I kept on playing until today I still play and I enjoy it a lot.