Braeburn Imani Enjoys Global Success in COBIS Annual Eco Film Award

14th May 2022

As part of our commitment to learners’ enjoying success, Braeburn Imani proudly announces global success in the COBIS Annual Eco Film Award. The Year 9 students, under the guidance of Mr. Karanja, won the COBIS Annual Eco Film Award with their two and half minute film Talking Trees about how they used QR codes to identify different trees within the BIIS compound. The video has been published on COBIS website.

Here are general judges’ comments:

This year, there were 56 entries (up from 38 last year) from 23 countries (up from 15 last year). The 2022 winners and runners up represented schools across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Once again, successful entries were characterised by a clear account told in an engaging way by students about an innovative and creative student project that made a difference. In the most successful films, music and images were carefully chosen to add to the story, and data were used with precision to illustrate issues and outcomes.

Judges' comments on “Talking Trees”This was a very well-produced film of an environmental education project in the school. Being blessed with beautiful trees on their campus, the students used information and design technology to enable students, staff and visitors to learn more about these, and the benefits they bring. The innovative creation and subsequent use of Quick Response – QR – codes was a distinctive feature of this initiative.

Watch the video here:

Students comments

I really enjoyed being a part of the COBIS competition, we got to bring all our ideas together and make something truly wonderful. It was fun and it helped a lot with our team building and we got to learn so much about the environment. My favourite thing about the competition was making the QR codes and putting them all over the trees at our school. It was just amazing being a part of this and I am just so happy that we won this competition.


The COBIS project was an eye-opening project that allowed us to explore the different ways of saving the world through creating awareness


It was an honor and such a great opportunity to participate in an international competition. I would love to participate once more. the best part of the project was creating the QR codes and the voice over


The project was really fun and interesting by using QR codes to make people aware about trees and learning more about the tree and it was an honour to win


The video was very entertaining to make and placing the QR-codes on the trees was quite fun. Making the QR-codes for the trees was very educational.


I enjoyed making the QR codes

It was a very good experience it is an honour to win


I enjoyed making the COBIS video, it was fun making QR codes and learning about trees


The process of making the video was fun and it was an amazing experience and an honor to win.


I liked doing the QR codes, talking about trees and how they help the environment