Braeburn Imani scientists!

18th May 2023

Choosing the right subjects for the IGCSE program is very important for every student. Year 9 is viewed as the first year of IGCSE preparation and students begin selecting subjects in preparation for Year 10 and 11 courses.

Students at Year 9 in Braeburn Imani are given an option of exploring all the three sciences (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) before choosing which of the sciences they would wish to continue with considering their interests, academic strengths, skills and the field of work they want to pursue in future.

Much of what we know about chemistry cannot be seen. Instead, scientists have developed models to describe key concepts based on the available evidence and mathematical principles. Models can be considered thinking tools that help form explanations. They are also useful simplifications to aid understanding. Physical modelling in the chemistry classroom is a good way to help students visualise concepts like atomic structure and bonding.

Students spent time modelling simple molecules such as CO2, H2O and more complicated drugs such as N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine.

Callum had this to say….the molecules were quite confusing when drawn on the board as 2D structure but when we got the molybid kit we were able to create 3D models of different molecules. It really helped because I was able to visualise the molecule and see the different bonds involved.

Wanjiru ….it was helpful to consider the structure of simple molecules from a different perspective

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In Biology the students are learning the basic introduction. This entails learning about cells, tissues and organs. They are also learning simple techniques of how to handle and use a microscope in observing microbes.

The microscopy technique and other various techniques learnt will help them when dealing with scientific problems.

As part of introduction to Biology students are required to know how to design an investigation to solve a problem. Writing a simple hypothesis and using available equipment to do an experiment, record the data and come up with the conclusion.


In physics, learners are engaged in base quantities and their SI units, interacting with common lab apparatus and pursuing project based activities.

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