BTEC’s Cycling Proficiency Event 2022

27th June 2022

In line with the expectation of BTEC Level 3 Business Qualification, and specifically managing an event, the Year 12 class had a great time organising and running a Cycling Proficiency event. The event which forms part of their course portfolio involved Years 1 to 6 students who were taken in two fun-filled sessions i.e. training and cycling sessions.

The two sessions tested their knowledge and observance of traffic signs. Some of the traffic signs that the students became proficient in are STOP, ZEBRA CROSSING, BUMPS AHEAD, and BENDS signs among others. All the students in these classes participated and had a fabulous experience as illustrated by the photos below.

It was a fulfilling moment for both the primary students who were involved and the BTEC students who organized the event. Thanks to the training and cycling sessions, our students are now more aware of their safety while cycling.