BIIS Secondary School worked together to create the word REUSE as one of the many activities that took place at BIIS on World Environment Day.

Model United Nations

It was a wonderful week for the delegates at the UNON where we debated our resolutions. All our three resolutions passed and even getting the best resolution in Ecology from a delegation led by Njoki Liberata as the Ambassodor.

The students learned a lot in terms of public speaking, research as well as practicing leadership skills. It's always a golden chance for all students.

Story Moja Festival

Our students from years 5 - 10 loved going to the Story Moja Festival where they can totally submerged in activities ranging from puppet shows, science experiments to creative writing.

Swimming Success

Congratulations to Krisha for being awarded silver at last week's NASA Swim Gala and Ciaran and Kashi for Bronze!