Creative Works in Playgroup

4th July 2022

What an exciting and creative time for children in crèche as they take upon different roles!

This week they chose to be little, lovely bakers as they used spaghetti, wet sand and shredded paper to make cakes.

Creativity was evident as they used flowers for sprinkles and sticks for candles. They demonstrated acute baking skills as they talked about ingredients they were using and taking baking steps one after the other.

It was exciting to see how our little ones were keen on their creative works and showcased every step of their creative abilities.

Cake is ready to go to the oven! Let us place it in the oven and turn the knob on,’ Said Kyle

The cake is ready now we need to pack it and take it to Diana,‘ said Muchiri

Wait! We have not added these flowers (pebbles). They are going to make it beautiful,’ said Luna.

The children presented the cake to their friend and happily sang the birthday song while cutting the cake.

Indeed, children learn through fun interactive activities! That’s part of Braeburn Imani’s core value of learners enjoying success.