Creativity in Early Years

3rd June 2022

Children learn best through play-based and hands on experiences. They make sense of ideas from real life experience that happens in the world around them. They are motivated to learn more through their own initiated play/activities which are always very interesting, exciting and they get so engrossed into to them. This was evident when FS1 children decided to use readily available resources in the garden to come up with their own bicycle workshop. One of the children initiated the play. She pretended that her bike has broken down. In seconds, there were lots of suggestions coming from her peers.” Let’s take it to the garage’ let’s call a fundi, let's fix it.”

The vocabularies kept coming as they were trying to solve the problem. They decided to call for a breakdown, which was one of the bikes and used a skipping rope to pull it to a Wendy house that became their workshop. A toolbox had to be brought and the mechanics could not wait to start the repair job. The highlight was when the job was done and the mechanics had to be paid. They rushed to class and brought pretend money and paid the “ Fundis”

Kudos children for your creativity.