20th June 2022

Children are born eager to learn. Curious by nature, they enjoy exploring as they try to comprehend their environment. Everything is a wonder to them. Crèche children satisfy curiosity through safe, self-initiated and playful exploration. Their learning occurs naturally!

Curiosity drove them to want to understand what the garbage truck comes to-do in school. When they heard its noisy engine rumble, they all ran to the little gate to get a glimpse. The garbage truck was parked in front of our EYFS block.

We walked out and were surprised to see them taking a closer look at the truck which was decorated with shiny ribbons. The children confidently asked the garbage collectors questions.

‘Where do you take the garbage?’ Kyle asked.

‘Why do you come to our school?’ Diana asked.

The garbage collectors were amazed by how fluently questions were flowing and they enjoyed answering each question. This is what we learnt: