Developing Literary Skills in KS3

4th October 2021

Reading, interpreting and analysing George Orwell’s Animal Farm has been a real excitement amongst Year 9 learners at Braeburn Imani. Following Braeburn’s cross curricular educational approach, Animal Farm has been a perfect text for exploring history, business studies, sociology, and PSHE - all fused into the exciting English and Literature lessons.

There has been a lot to learn from this simple yet mind-blowing novella. Our students now, more than ever, feel confident to discuss major literary issues as depicted by Orwell. Here are some of the thoughts that we have from our learners about this novel.

I have enjoyed reading Animal Farm. It has shown me how you can use allegory to portray your views and thoughts. Also while reading it I have gained more knowledge about the Russian Revolution as well as the USSR. It also conveys the difference between democracies and dictatorships. While reading it I have also learnt many rhetorical techniques for persuasive writing. -


Reading the Animal Farm was definitely an adventure, we got to see the two sides to the coin we call the Russian revolution it allowed us to understand the state that Russia was in before during and after the revolution it has taught us not only amazing rhetorical devices but also how to write and think critically and persuasively. If i was told to summarize my experience in two words it would have to be “amazing extraordinaire”.

  • Aaron.k

I find the Novella Animal Farm quite educating on both Historical and Literary terms.

Historical because of the Russian Revolution.

Literary because of the devices and terms such as Old Major's speech and so on...

  • Gerald

I find the animal farm very interesting and enticing I have learned from the book that those who seem like your allies can also betray you like Napoleon and Squealer.

  • Jean

I find Animal Farm to be extremely interesting and historical.

  • Kenneth

We find Animal Farm to be a very entertaining book as it gives a historical perspective on the complex key players as well as the lower, middle and upper class in the Russian Revolution and how the members of society reacted to the situation differently according to their social hierarchy. It also shows us a lot of the political, social and economic issues that happened during the Russian Revolution and still are in motion in modern society. In addition, Animal Farm highlights how the Soviet Union affected Russia; all of this is perfectly captured by George Orwell's spectacular use of allegory.

  • Sompurna and Jasmine

I really enjoy the novella Animal farm straightforward and has a good message related to the revolution

  • Vraj