Early Years Sports Morning

25th November 2021

The hype about the EYFS sports morning began weeks ago as Mr. Gideon, assisted by the Teaching assistants, engaged the children in exciting sports activities where they learned how to move around obstacles, balance balls, jump over hurdles, and make a quick dash to the finish line.

The activities were challenging and rewarding and we tried to put an emphasis on the importance of having fun and trying our best rather than competitiveness and the desire to come first.

Parents turned up in great numbers dressed up in sports wear rocking a ‘touch of BIIS green ’ to cheer on their children. Little did they know that they were to engage in field activities together with them!

IMG_4214 (1).JPG

They watched their children show off their understanding of instructions, team work, perseverance and their developing physical skills during the field events.

The balls were thrown far and wide, the precision at the bowling station was remarkable and walking while balancing a ball on a racquet required hand eye coordination. The cool down at the water station displayed critical thinking skills as they strategized and made decisions on how to approach their challenge.

At the track events, the Play group children went over obstacles, scooped balls and made a 25m dash while the parents cheered them along.

The FS1 teams jumped over hurdles as they made their way through the hoops to the finish line. Whilst the FS2 runners excited the crowd by their fantastic coordination as they switched the buttons during the relay event.

We believe that we are developing a sporting spirit and a love for physical activity that will stay with the children long after school.

A big thank you to the Parents for engaging in the field activities, motivating the children and joining in the Parents relay. It was a fantastic morning.