Exploring and learning

3rd February 2023

Children's learning is evident when they are given time and opportunities to take charge of their own learning with the right resources provided that stimulates active curiosity and visual memory.

As they play and explore with their own choice of resources that interests them, they confidently share thoughts and ideas and they learn a lot from each other. This also promotes their communication skills and vocabulary as they interact and converse. "Put it on the cup" "No that's not a metal, it wouldn't stick there, it's a plastic " " Let's go to the monkey bar" These are some of the amazing conversations some children had as they worked with magnetic toys, showing a lot of understanding and a wider range of knowledge.

Besides being ideal for children to exercise their fine motor and gross motor skills which also enhance their hand eye coordination, magnetic toys also help children learn about technology.

This week saw our young learners explore magnetic toys while others pretended to be patients at the hospital. The readily available doctors used the Wendy house as the hospital and quickly went for a First Aid kit in our store.  They were able to share their First Aid as they made connections with the things that happen in their surrounding environment

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