Exploring Nature in Early Years

13th March 2023

Nature is anything in the environment that is not man made. The concept of nature presents children with a myriad of opportunities to be active, diversify their play, stimulate their creativity, and enable child-initiated learning compared to the classroom settings. Through nature walks, children's observation skills are enhanced as the walks encourages them to use all their five senses.

In Braeburn Imani, learning in the Early Years incorporates nature walk lessons at least once every week. During this lesson, children go out in the nature around school to explore and learn new things.

The nature walks are opportunities for the children to relax, take their time and explore the environment. It helps them unplug, observe and explore nature while enjoying the outdoors. It also stimulates their senses and provides a hands-on approach to learning about the world. You'll mostly find the children collecting items in the environment during nature walks and using them to make play items you wouldn't imagine possible. How infinite a child's fantasy can be, especially when exposed to nature!

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