Exploring Number Bonds in FS2

18th May 2023

Number bonds are an essential concept in early mathematics education, and exploring them can lay a strong foundation for future mathematical understanding. Number bonds help children understand the relationship between numbers and how they can be combined or separated to form different sums.

In FS2, children have been exploring number bonds through various engaging activities and interactive games.  One of the activities FS2 children  enjoyed doing in class these past weeks was  Dice rolling. Children would roll dice, identify the number and talk about different ways to form the said number. "Five and five make ten," you could hear one say. "Even three and seven make ten," added another. By physically manipulating objects and visually representing numbers, children can grasp the concept of number bonds more easily. They can count objects and see how they can be split into different groups to create various number combinations.

These early experiences will pave the way for further mathematical learning and problem-solving abilities in the future.

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