Exploring Numbers

4th December 2021

Fs1 children have been engaging in stimulating activities that have offered experiences to extend their knowledge and development of number concepts and skills. This has been achieved by exploring sensory activities like modelling numbers with playdough, formation and sequencing.

This week the children had loads of fun after listening to a story about Firefighters which was extended to an outdoor activity.

They created fire images, went for a number hunt focusing on the emergency number 999.

They pretended to receive an emergency call that led them (fire fighters) to the Wendy house where the pretend fire alarm had rung from and they put off the fire using their pretend horse pipes.

The excitement was evident as they ran around looking for numbers and pulling water pipes to put out the fire. The highlight of their search was the paper fire on the wendy house. It made it all seem so real!

Good job FS1 children for your increased understanding of numbers and your developing imagination skills and willingness to role play

I enjoy working with numbers.JPG
We confidently modell numbers with playdough.JPG