Expressive Arts and Design in Early Years

23rd May 2022

The development of children’s artistic and cultural awareness supports their imagination and creativity. This is supported through the learning area: Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design is one of the 7 learning areas in the Early Years. It encompasses children’s creativity and their ability to use media and materials. It is also used to develop a child's imagination.

Paints, junk, beads, cameras, iPads, music, microphones……Hands and minds. This is what was needed for the exciting day that lay ahead. Children walked in excited from 8:00 am wondering what was in store for them. The oohs! and aahs! were the cues needed to show that indeed the children had greatly looked forward to the day.

Busting a move was evident at the ‘Jiachilie corner’ (dancing corner), ‘Sauti ya kutoa nyoka pangoni' (listening corner) was evident at the listening corner. How about the ready smiles at the Photo Booth station? Sensational indeed! Dexterity was also factored in at the Beading Corner, this to help with strengthening their small finger muscles and fine motor skills!

Listening they say is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Listening is key to all effective communication. This was catered for at the Listening corner where children played back their favourite stories that they had recorded on microphones and also got to listen to the classic traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

Indeed, learning, interacting, confidence, fun and higher order reasoning were all on display through the morning. Happily, the objectives of the day were met!