FS1 learning about weather, weather patterns and the rain cycle

18th November 2023

The beauty about learning in the Early Years is that learning opportunities can be found in every situation and they have an amazing way of presenting themselves. What happens when you hear a child sing Incy Wincy Spider delightedly?! Then you get to know that the Rainy season is upon us. What a better way of learning about weather, weather patterns and the rain cycle than through the ongoing rains.

Children seem to be especially excited to talk about the rain, its intensity, how they get to use umbrellas and dress warm in jackets and best of all, how they get to splash in the puddles. Rhymes are also heard as they go about their play when they sing and recite, ‘It’s raining, it's pouring’ and it seems they are really having fun with it because no one seems to have sung, ‘Rain, rain, go away! The children are also displaying the use of senses when they kick a ball across a puddle to see whether it will float and also pushing carts through the water to see how the tyres move. It’s the perfect season for learning.

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