FS2 children are up and about!

16th September 2021

It’s been a great start for the FS2 children. They have shown eagerness to learn and explore their surroundings!

We began the week by painting our weekend news and talking about the fun things we did while at home. Later on, we found out amazing facts about Lions and watched the hilarious Tinga Tinga tale titled Why Lion Roars. Did you know that a Lion's roar can be heard up to 8 km away!

Nature Monday and Wednesday were fantastic! In FS2 Red, the children were tasked to find and collect five stones, sticks and twigs. It was a buzz at the field as they looked around, counted, corrected themselves and asked questions. We brought our collection to class.

In FS2 Yellow, discussions revolved around how to attract birds and butterflies into our environment. One child said, “We put mahindi on the ground and the birds enjoy”. This led us to watching YouTube videos on different ways of making bird feeders. The children brought in tissue paper rolls which they painted in preparation for next week's class where they will make bird feeders