FS2 outdoor learning day

24th September 2021

We are wild about Tinga Tinga Tales; Our learning on Monday was an outdoor adventure.

FS2 children were excited by the surprise drop off to the field, where we had set up a big tent with minimal resources. The idea was to arouse the children's creativity, learning experiences, and curiosity.

They used watering cans, watered the grass and plants, when the water ran out, our adventure began. ‘Where do we fetch more water?’ ‘We need to look for a river far away!’

They found a watering hole (tap), filled up a crocodile river (the deserted sandpit) and went off in search of the great cave of tinga tinga.


The children then thought of another brilliant idea, making animal habitats in the field. They made super dens using scarfs, pieces of clothes and pegs pitched on rounder posts.

Hmmm……what will the animals eat? We can make a fire first, then make a meal. They all joined in to gather sticks, twigs and leaves, rubbing two sticks together trying to ignite a fire.

The teachers joined in with bits and pieces of math challenges which involved problem solving and phonics activities. They used natural resources like leaves to make shapes and wrote sounds on the ground using sticks.

The children’s creativity, decision-making, problem-solving skills, empathy towards others, motor skills and initiative were amazing!

Be on the lookout for the next fun learning activity!