Geography In Year 2I

7th February 2023

Where am I?

North, South, East or West. Where should I turn and go? This term in Geography, the year 2 class

have been learning about maps. This week’s learning challenge was to be able to use the compass

points to find and give direction. They learnt how to hold the compass flat with the direction of

travel arrow pointing away from you and directly at the landmark. The children started off by

reviewing the four main compass points. They then had to go on a journey which started inside their

classroom. Before commencing their journey, they worked together in pairs trying to figure out how

they would finally get to their destination. Using vocabulary learnt (East, West, North and south)

they navigated the various routes in the school. In the end some were able to get to their

destinations while others got lost and had to find alternative routes. All in all, the children learnt that

the compass directions help us orient ourselves wherever we are.

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