Making Robots in High School

19th September 2022

Following our strong belief in hands-on learning, we encourage our students to come up with creative projects.

This term, A-Level students have been building a robot for their stem project. It is a project that they are completing under the guidance of Mr. Mburu. It’s always a delight to see our students active in project-based activities.

Here’s Christian’s brief of the project:

Laurence, Dan and I decided to make a robot for our stem club and for it to be part of our project based learning. We made the tracer bot which has the ability to follow a line that has been drawn out. It can do this as it has optical spencers that activate the two separate motors to work upon seeing the line. This also means that the robot cannot fall over an edge as there is no line to follow and the motors will be off. It has an arduino board that carries all these different commands. It was really exciting creating the four different robots and I'm looking forward to other projects such as these one.

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