29th January 2020

This year’s MS-MUN Conference was amazing! The delegates from our school had a great time exploring the diplomatic world. Apart from making new friends, our delegates also sharpened their speech skills while learning a lot from other delegates in the debating sessions. Our crowning moment was the passing of our resolution, which got an overwhelming support from delegates in the ecology committee.

This is what the delegates had to say about the conference:

I really enjoyed the MS-MUN experience. On the first day, I was scared and didn’t speak. However, I started speaking from day two and it wasn’t scary anymore.


MS-MUN was fun this year. I got to meet my friends from last year and made new friends. I got a chance to speak at the conference and really enjoyed.


As a delegate, I had great fun debating many topics in the ecology committee. It was really fun sitting in the ecology committee where our resolution was read and passed.


It was an amazing experience; I learnt new things and socialised with many new friends. I also gained confidence in the course of my interaction with other delegates.


MS-MUN was fun. It helped me improve my confidence level and knowledge. I also made lots of new friends. I can’t wait to go back next year!


It was a nice experience. I met new friends in the conference. During the conference, I felt like a leader and left inspired.


My overall experience at the MS-MUN Conference was great! As a Press Corp, I took many photographs and met lots of new friends. I can’t wait for next year!


The MS-MUN experience was great! For me, it was a way of gaining confidence and improving my self-expression. I am looking forward to next year’s conference.


My overall experience in MS-MUN has been beyond words; the 4 days of the conference have been interesting, knowledgeable and most importantly full of fun! I have learnt quite a lot of things, made new friends, and so I am grateful for the opportunity and platform to express myself. It really delighted me to know that I could make a difference in this world and try to solve some of the world’s problems in this conference. I would like to thank our advisors for their input.


MS-MUN was really fun! It helped in building my confidence and got a chance to debate real-world problems. I am looking forward to next year’s conference.


MS-MUN is a breath-taking and world-changing experience. It has helped me in building my confidence and diplomatic skills. It has also helped me understand different world issues and how to solve them. MUN also helps in increasing general awareness and boost speech presentation skills. I can’t wait for next year’s conference!