Nurturing Leadership at Braeburn Imani

6th May 2022

Braeburn Imani International School is committed to nurturing leadership across various age groups. As part of our commitment to equip our student leaders with vital leadership skills, we held an interactive team-building session at Taji Gardens in Thika.

About the event

The leadership workshop provided an opportunity for all student leaders to understand their roles and responsibilities as leaders in the school. Student leaders were taken through various engaging activities that enhanced their critical leadership skills.

Understanding Braeburn Circles: As a school, we hold dear the Braeburn Circles that define every student learning in our school. Our Braeburn Circles is comprised of three main elements i.e. Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens, and Learners Enjoying Success. We have expanded the circles to include values that enhance these three core elements of Braeburn’s Circle.


Student Leadership in an International School: Our leaders were made aware of their roles as student leaders in an international school. They became aware of the core tenets of leadership and how they can use them to enhance good leadership within and outside the school’s organisational structure.

Communication and Peer Counselling: In addition to understanding the roles and responsibilities of leadership in school, our leaders were also inducted into formal and informal communication networks that they can use for proper communication.

They also had engaging peer counselling sessions that triggered their understanding of their roles as peer counsellors within the school.

Team Building Games: To steer off from the formality of the workshop, there were amazing team building games and treasure hunt activities. All these carefully-selected activities were aimed at teaching valuable skills to our young leaders


As a school, Braeburn Imani is continuously committed to nurturing young leadership and making learners aware of their leadership potential. We firmly believe that we are grooming future global leaders