Poetry and Pancake

23rd May 2022

When Poetry goes in the same line with Pancakes, then you can be assured you are in for a fabulous treat: a rich collection of ballads, haiku, sonnets, epics and limericks among others, punctuated with a delicious serving of pancakes.

The Annual Braeburn Imani Poetry and Pancakes was without doubt, much more glorious since in addition to aforementioned, the learners demonstrated confidence, enjoyment and mastery of poetry and performance.

What a way to portray our Braeburn Circles!

The audience were taken on an adventurous journey of experiences. In it, they came across a Tyger burning bright, a talking Little Nut tree, a suffering Atieno Yo, some tips of what to do if you meet a crocodile, some cheeky aliens that stole someone's underpants, a story about a lone Black Black, a beautiful Birika(kettle), a satirical story of a country, a voice that Yawned, the wonderful Queens, importance of Adabu Njema (good manners), and someone's Messy Room. Well, a cupcake died at some point! The performances ranged from presentations of celebrated works of famous poets like William Blake, Kenn Nesbit, Julia Donaldson, Shelby Greer, Oludhe Macgoye to mention a few; Swahili pieces by Wallah bin Wallah and of course some from Maharati Language. Indeed, we celebrated internationalism too.

Thanks to our forever fans-the parents- they not only cheered but also prepared a wonderrous assortment of yummylicious pancakes. Definitely, it was a day to reckon.