President’s Award 2021

26th June 2021

The President's Award-Kenya (PA-K) is an exciting self-development programme offered at Braeburn Imani. The Award is structured in three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. However, the three levels share similar activities but in varying intensity where the Gold participants put more commitment.

Braeburn Imani was lucky to have its students finish their Gold level, despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. It was indeed a great show of commitment and resilience; a set of skills expected of Gold awardees in PA.


What our students did

The PA Gold students completed their residential project last week. During that time, they painted Familia Moja (a local children’s home) for a period of 5 days while camping at BIIS for 4 nights. Our students were so pleased to have been able to help the less fortunate children. The children at the home were welcoming and nice. This experience was educational and encouraged teamwork.

They not only learnt a new skill like painting but they also learnt the importance of listening to one another, being patient and finally always giving back to society. They promised to go back more often to the home to see the children and help more!


This residential project was by far the best project I participated in. I learnt how to paint but it also felt really good to have been able to make a small change in the children’s lives. It also helped me as an individual as I learnt how to listen to my fellow group members. Although there might have been conflict just like in any other groups, I feel like we were better at resolving them. This whole experience really taught me patience and I felt more connected to the people we were with! It was very interesting! Aiman Simanyenzi