Reliving WWI History

13th June 2022

Year 9 students in Braeburn Imani had a wonderful experience reliving life in the trenches, reminiscent of the ones used in the First World War. They started by digging a trench at the school and then enacted various activities that were carried out by soldiers in the trenches. I think that sense of difficulty … just enabled them to have a connection with the soldiers that were going through it in the same way. As we dealt with stuff in the classroom and talked while we were out in the trenches, I think they picked up on some details and made some connections that they just wouldn’t have otherwise.

“It put things in perspective quite well, considering how hard it was for us compared to the soldiers in the First World War and their experiences,” Ziya said.

Jean-Claude, a student, had this to say ‘We wanted to produce a video about life in the trenches because we wanted to be creative and do something a little different from the usual class lessons.  By this way we were able to express our ideas by reliving the Trench life and also live up to Braeburn mission of enjoying the learning experience”.

Ms. Gathogo, the history teacher, was delighted about the project because it enabled the students to understand the topics taught in WWI and also enjoy learning history.

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