Rolling Adventures

3rd February 2024

Children find joy in the simplest of things. In EYFS at Braeside Thika,one such timeless activity that sparks creativity and fosters interaction is playing with carts. The children have been embracing the thrill of cart play.Cart play promotes physical development as children push, pull and manoeuvre their carts developing their motor skills and coordination.Cart play often involves cooperation. Children work together as they decide their destination and take turns being the driver or passenger fostering essential skills.It also helps with exploration providing children with opportunity to explore their surroundings and connect with nature. Playing with carts in EYFS stands as a timeless and enriching activity and as they push and pull and dream. Children not only develop essential skills but also create memories that last a lifetime. Let the wheels of creativity turn and watch as the joy of cart play unfolds in the lives of our youngest adventurers

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