Talent Galore

18th November 2021

At Braeburn Imani, we encourage our young learners to identify, develop, and sustain their talents. Using our learner-centered approach, we ensure that the learners take charge of identifying their talents. Coupled with a serene environment and unlimited resources, our school provides the perfect environment for young learners to fully explore their talents


Talents might include innovation, adaptability, persuasion, communication, and teamwork. This is evident as FS1 children go about their learning both indoors and outdoors. It is amazing to watch and see them pick out activities and the resources they need as they come up with creative and innovative ideas. Their creative ideas include singing, dancing, and role play as they dramatize different stories read in class such as Cinderella, Gingerbread Man, and Little Red Riding Hood among others.

In conclusion, how can we discover the potential of our children? By:

  • Looking out for early signs of potential.
  • Paying attention to their interests.
  • Providing plenty of opportunities to explore.
  • Encouraging children's creativity.
  • Motivating them to pursue hobbies and club activities.
  • Observing the learning area that they love.
  • By not overriding their ideas.

So, let’s help them to keep shining on….

Council of British International Schools
Council of International Schools
Cambridge International Examinations
BTEC Level 3
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
GL Education Assessment Excellence