The Joy of Boarding at Imani

26th June 2021

Boarding offers a unique and a friendly environment for every student to feel at home. Students learn various skills and are exposed to amazing fun activities that refresh their minds and prepare them for a new week ahead. On the 13th of this month, we visited the Maji Magic Aqua Park at Waterfront Karen, and it was an Amazing experience. Our students learnt Kayak paddling skills and also had fun in the Aqua Park obstacle activities.


The trip on Sunday was fun and a good way to relax and let off some steam after a whole week of working hard. It was also educational as I learnt how to use a kayak.Christian Machera

I had a good time at Aqua Park Karen. I learnt how to maintain balance and ride the Kayak in a straight line. It was wonderful learning all these skills and the water park was fun and exciting. Lisa Maina

Last weekend we had a super relaxing time at the Nairobi Safari Walk.We learnt different unique species of Kenyan wildlife and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon stroll in the nature park.