The World of Money

25th March 2022

In these days of increasing use of credit/ debit cards and supermarket shopping, few young children have the experience of even watching, let alone taking part in, a monetary transaction which involves the use of cash and coins. It was therefore very exciting to expose the children to the World of Money through their in class learning and the interactive games they play.

The Year 2s got this experience this past week when they were learning about combining amounts and giving/ receiving change. The children were able to turn a basic activity such as shopping into a great learning experience. They assigned themselves different roles such as the banker, baker, market attendant and green grocer.

In these roles the children were then able to deepen their understanding of number through counting on as they moved from one place to another on the board and the understanding that giving change is an operation that requires one to split things apart(subtract). They also learnt that objects can have a value irrespective of their size or shape.

The game allowed them to build collaborative skills as they worked together to solve problems.

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