World Environment Day 2022

11th June 2022

As the world joined hands to celebrate this year’s UN World Environment Day, Braeburn Imani had a special pack of activities curated to align with this year’s theme ‘ONLY ONE EARTH’.

What an earthly day it was!

Firstly, we appreciate parents and guardians for their clear support to prepare their children for the day. As expected, learners made lots of creative recycled hats, dressed in earthly theme colours, and donated money for our multi-storey herb garden.

Here is a highlight of the day:

Fashion Show

We had a whole school assembly to set pace for the day’s activities. The first of many was the Fashion Show, which was so much fun for both the learners and the teachers. The students confidently walked along the catwalk displaying their earth colours (blue, green, and brown) and interesting hats made from cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and old newspapers among other recyclable materials.

Our Year 7 & 8 learners also demonstrated scientific methods of cleaning up oil spills in water bodies. Additionally, they shared facts about the dangers of wasting resources and how to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Breaktime picnic

The highlight of the day was the whole school picnic at break time. Groups of children could be seen enjoying each other’s company, chatting away as they had their snacks seated on their Lessos and blankets. The fresh air and soft background music completed the ambiance, we wished break time wouldn’t come to an end.


About our Multi-Storey Herb Garden

In commemoration of this day, Ms. Nduta and her gardening club members launched a multi-storey herb garden within our school. This garden will act as a constant reminder of this important day as well as work to actually inspire such gardens within our homesteads to promote a cleaner and greener environment.

Enviro 3.PNG

Here are some of the thoughts our students shared about this event:

'We were keeping the planet clean and we planted some strawberries.'

  • Dalia year 1

'We put on recycled hats. Even my hat was made of paper. We were planting onions.'

  • Ntoimana FS1Y

'My hat was yellow and it had 5 buttons.'

  • Diana Creche

'I was just digging.'

  • Muchiri Creche

' We closed the tap so that the water can not fall in the sink. we ate break with our Lesso on the sports place.'

  • Aria Wambui year 1

' The day was excellent because we plant mboga. We learnt to help the world to stop polluting.'

  • Peter year 5

'I had fun especially when we made the hats. On that day I learned that if you throw things then it rains, the rain will carry things to the ocean. Then it will be polluted. So we should not litter. Also, I love digging in the garden.'

  • Giovanni - Year 3

My world environment day was full of experiences to remember, such as: the picnic at break time and the fashion show we had. But most of all this was a day I used to learn more about the environment and how to conserve mother nature.

  • Callum - Year 8