Year 11 & 13 Pre-Mock Exams

4th December 2021

Since last week, Braeburn Imani’s candidates have been busy with their pre-mock examinations.

The purpose of the pre-mock exams is to prepare students for the real exams that they will do at the end of their academic journey at BIIS. We conduct premock exams in the same conditions as they would be in Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examinations.

Our teachers offer the pre-mock exams in the penultimate term of the IGCSE and A Level courses to secure solid understanding of our students’ achievements and areas that need improvement.

Impact of Pre-mock assessment

Pre-mock examinations have been proven to be effective in relaying information that both teachers and students need as they prepare for examinations. This information provides an avenue for early intervention for students to reflect and act upon during the holiday. Teachers also redefine their approach to individualised learning based on the data collected at the end of the pre-mocks.


What our students think about the exams

Here are some thoughts that we gathered from our students after their exams:

The pre-mocks exam was a good experience, which was also challenging. They have made me realise what I need to work on.


The pre-mocks were really stressful; however, they were an eye-opener for me. I feel like they were very important because it was like a trial of the finals. They also made me realise what areas I need to work on urgently.


To be honest, I was very stressed and worried about the grade I’d get . However, I like the fact that I had a first hand experience of what IGCSE exams are like.


Pre -mocks were so stressful but interesting at the same time. It was also a learning experience for me as I had to practice time management skills.