Year 2 Scientific Enquiry; Black Pepper and Soap Test

20th June 2022

The Year 2s have been learning about how they can keep themselves healthy and fit in Science. This week the area of focus was handwashing. They chose to carry out an investigation on the importance of handwashing with soap. The children went through different stages involved in scientific enquiry such as creating their investigation questions, making predictions and finding out how they could make it a fair test. They made some predictions before carrying out the test:

Leoni: I predicted that the black pepper would dissolve.

Neema K.: I thought that the pepper would stick to your finger.

Jason K: I thought if we dip our finger with soap into the black pepper and water mixture it would make a dry area.

They gathered their materials and listed down the steps they would follow and carried out their investigations in class. Once they carried out the investigation they then, recorded what they saw happening:

Imani K.: I saw, when we dipped our finger in the soap and put it in the mixture the black pepper separated, moving to the edge of the plate.

They then made their conclusions relating it to the area of focus. This is what they had to say:

Zawadi M.: Hand washing with soap, is important as it helps get rid of germs just like the way the pepper went to the sides when we dipped our finger with soap in.

It was amazing to see the collaboration and coordination as they kept referring to their investigation sheets for guidance on the steps to follow.