1st November 2022

Year 3s have been learning how to create a wiki. They now know that a wiki is a site that is designed for groups of people to quickly capture and share ideas by creating simple pages and linking them together. They decided to choose topics that they had already covered in science and history. In Science, they were able to explain what rocks are, types of rocks and their formation, as well as the rock cycle. They also wrote about the difference between these rocks.

They were also fascinated by the terrific tribes of Kenya. They explained at length the origin of these tribes. They wrote about the origins of the Bantus, Nilotes, and Cushites. They further explained the tribes that make up the Bantu, Cushites, and Nilote groups.

Their collaboration skills were greatly enhanced as they shared information about the cultures of various tribes of their choice among the three groups. They have shown an understanding of how the internet, the web, and search engines work as they were able to conduct research with ease.

They were able to search for information and evaluate online images. Their IT skills were also used when they were copying and pasting the different diagrams, as well as selecting fonts of their preference. They enjoyed being vloggers and are looking forward to presenting their work.

Council of British International Schools
Council of International Schools
Cambridge International Examinations
BTEC Level 3
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
GL Education Assessment Excellence