Year 4 Geography Research Work

16th June 2021

Research skills can be inculcated into young lives by giving children a chance to show their prowess. The Year 4 have been learning about the Physical features in Russia and Rwanda. They enjoyed researching on some of the places they found interesting and were happy to create awareness on the same by designing and making brochures. They are now inviting you to choose where you would like to visit.


I made my brochure using newspaper and a colourful manila paper. I enjoyed drawing the pictures. It was fun.

By Vidan Kinuthia


In my project, I designed and made a brochure using an A3 paper. I wrote about Cities and lakes in Rwanda and Russia. I felt good and proud of myself.

By Zawadi Kinuthia


I enjoyed my project work on designing and making a brochure of some of the interesting places in Russia and Rwanda.

By Trevor Juma