31st January 2020


The Year 4 visited Kitengela Glass to reinforce their Science concepts on States of Matter and here are some of their experiences:

The Year 4 trip was awesome because we saw how the glass decorations were made. We saw them make a jug a flower and a bird. We also got to see them make a clay bowl. The lady say that they put the clay into fire two times. She said the first fire was 1100 degrees and the second fire was 1000 degrees. After that we saw some other clay items that were ready for sale. We then went on a hanging bridge and it was so fun last we went to the shop and bought some nice things before going into the bus to eat lunch and come back to school.

By: Omolara Bello

The trip was fascinating. They recycled glass by heating broken glasses to 1100 degrees Celsius, at that temperature it became liquid glass that you can shape into anything from toy birds to jugs and so much more. They also showed us how to make pots from clay. They shaped the clay, heated it in two burns. First one 1100 degrees Celsius next one 1300 degrees Celsius. We also went hanging on a hanging bridge.

By: Aiden Omondi

First of all we started of with how glass was made. They put a long stick in fire then it heats up at 100 degrees Celsius and cools to 500 degrees Celsius, after that we visited the pottery it was filled with clay and it was hand made . She showed us how it was fascinating. After that we went on the hanging bridge, it was scary at first but when we came back I went with my friend then we bought things. I bought a bird and a flower.

By: Jessica Hodgins

The trip was fun and also when I went to the toilet it was made out of glass and rocks. The guide took us to a place they make glass and we saw how they shaped things. Then we went to see how they make things with clay and they said”press it hard till it become the shape you want it to be. “After that we went to see things that we could buy then we walk on the bridge and we went back and bought something.

By: Leanne Wangui

Year 4 went on a trip to kitengela glass we saw how glass things were made there was a guide who took us around. We also went to a bridge, it was scary we all went in 5at 11 and came back at 2 I left Milan by far.

By: Prince Wanjii

The year 4 trip was amazing because we learned how to make glass and also found out how people make statues out of clay and did you know glass takes 8 hours to cool down? The trip was also amazing because Mrs. Nganga bargained for us so we can buy some things made of glass.

By: Austin Njogu