5th July 2021

Year 7 French students have been studying Ma Maison and have used diverse strategies to bring the topic out alive and cement their understanding. They committed to memorizing the diverse vocabulary in the topic using creative reading, listening and oral approaches that have made the French language fun and memorable, hence deepening their learning.

Learning French at Braeburn Imani is always a fulfilling experience to learners. Not only do learners understand the language and culture of French-speaking countries but also engage in a wide range of activities that broaden their understanding of various cultures in line with Braeburn’s core value of developing Responsible Citizens.


What Our Students Say about French

The French Language Breakfast Competition was such an informative experience; getting to know other agemates from around the country, ameliorate my French speaking and listening skills. Moreover, during Français lessons, I have learned so much and doubtlessly have succeeded to achieve personal French goals! French projects are always a golden opportunity to put my creativity skills to a test. To illustrate our French skills, we do projects such as ‘Ma Maison’ meaning ‘My House’ and I managed to construct my dream house. Apart from being able to do a fun activity and reduce screen time, I got a chance to practice my French too!! In conclusion, I just wanted to say French this year has been a wonderful experience!

  • Devina - Year 7

Year 7 French has been a predominant and phenomenal experience to me in addition to my class for various reasons. Sir’s imaginative and creative ways of teaching us has proven we are truly a force to be reckoned with. Not only has our “Français” lessons been exponentially ruminative to me, it has shown me how to apply the multitudinous and propitious skills we have achieved throughout the year!! This has been evident in various events such as competitions we have participated in whereas I managed (albeit not to brag, I’m rather proud of this) to pull off second place out of more than 10 International schools. I have learned how to manage my time well and how to work under pressure due to our diverse tasks such as creating French videos, projects and spoken word poems.

  • Claudia - Year 7

It was a good idea to present what our dream houses would be and what we wish to have in the future in FRENCH. Also, this project brought out my creativity which I never knew existed. In addition, the French video presentation taught me how to describe my home and helped me sharpen my pronunciation and French accent.

  • Nadia -Year 7

Making my French project about Ma Maison was both a fun and stressful experience but it helped me master and apply the given French vocabulary.

  • John - Year 7