Young rock enthusiasts!

16th September 2023

Have you ever wondered what those hard, solid things beneath your feet are made of? Year 3 students have been on an incredible science adventure learning all about rocks! To get to know all about rocks better, Year 3 scientists grabbed their magnifying glasses and took a closer look. It was like looking into a whole new world! They spotted tiny crystals, interesting patterns, and even some fossils hiding in the sedimentary rocks, the fun didn't stop there!

Our young geologists decided to perform an exciting experiment to learn more about the properties of rocks. They gathered a bunch of different rocks and tested their hardness by scratching them with different objects like nails, coins, and even their own fingernails and scientifically recorded their findings using vocabulary learnt.

They discovered that rocks are not just dull, lifeless things; they have a vibrant history and unique characteristics that make them special. Plus, knowing about rocks helps us understand the Earth's incredible story!

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