Our Approach

Philosophy and Objectives

  • To develop in our community a strong sense of internationalism encouraging cultural understanding, tolerance, open mindness and positivity .
  • To provide an education of the highest quality to maximise academic, physical and artistic potential to become active, compassionsate and lifelong learners.
  • To develop in each student a sense of persdonal integrity, inner reflection, ambition for personal and group success whilst taking responsibility for own actions.
  • To develop a healthy lifestyle to aid physical and mental well being through co-curricular and sporting activities creating lifelong practices.

Our Vision

Every student a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen.

Our Mission

Braeburn Schools actively value and celebrate diversity, nurturing personal growth by being proudly inclusive and truly international.

We help our children discover the fulfillment that comes through learning, in a fun and caring environment. Our teachers inspire students to be confident individuals, responsible global citizens, and successful life-long learners.

Braeburn schools are co-educational, offering British and International curricula to a multi-national student body, with school leavers gaining places at universities worldwide.

Association of International Schools in Africa
Council of British International Schools (Compliance Member)
GL Education Assessment Excellence